The Datex User Conference enables our software users to pack a lot of learning into a few short days.  With three different learning tracks, there are educational opportunities for every role.  We encourage all attendees to bring a notebook computer or tablet and join in on all the hands-on activities.*




Discover FootPrint’s Latest Features

Our software developers have been busy!  Join us for a two hour in depth exploration of the newest functionality found in our next iteration, FootPrint version 4.x.


Get Ready for Rapid Action:  Optimizing Your Fulfillment Operations

This session takes a deep dive into tools and resources that can help reduce cost and ensure rapid order fulfillment, including cartonization, web hooks, printing and pack verification.


Beyond the Basics:  Datex FootPrint E-Portal

Are you ready for our new self-serve web portal?  Designed to make your 3PL customers independent, our e-portal has some exciting new capabilities.  This interactive learning session will familiarize software users with order entry, queries, reporting and dashboards.


The Best of FootPrint 3PL Billing

3PLs need maximum flexibility to meet customer billing requirements.  Join us to learn how to unleash the hidden power of FootPrint 3PL billing by focusing on value-added services.


Put It in Reverse:  FootPrint Reverse Logistics Capabilities

Nearly two-thirds of consumers returned at least one item during the 2017 holiday season.  During this learning session, attendees will learn how to use FootPrint to handle returns.  This session includes a look at order management, shopping cart and value-added services.


Peer Panel: Training Tips for New and Seasonal Workers

This session will be an interactive session to discuss training resources and tips to maximize your training dollars.




The Wonder of Workflows

Get ready for it!  This two-hour session will include an in-depth exploration of workflows.  Attendees will participate in scenario-based activities involving inventory status changes, billing and auto-printing.


Fine Tuning Your Database:  SQL Tips and Tricks

Does your database need a tune-up?  Join us to explore ways to maximize database performance through indexes, query plans and optimization tips.


The Great Beyond:  Extending FootPrint with APIs

This crash course will focus on the difference between XML and APIs and include a review of our current API library.  Get in on the excitement with our hands-on workshop!


Keep Your Eye on Power BI & SSRS

Jump on board to learn how to use Microsoft Power BI and SSRS to write and modify killer reports.


Get Smart with FootPrint Business Intelligence

Data, data everywhere and not a byte to waste!  In this session, we will examine how to make the most of industry KPIs for BI dashboards to improve the understanding and decision making in your company.


Avoid a Catastrophe with Datex Disaster Recovery

How much will your business lose if disaster hits?  Attendees of this learning session will take a closer look at the importance of audits and other tools to prevent costly damage to your business.


Let’s Get it Started!  How to Set up and Maintain the new FootPrint E-Portal

It’s easier than you think.   Take a look behind the scenes and how to set up and maintain the new e-portal.


This is More than Just a Test:  FootPrint New Environment Manager

One of the most popular new tools for IT is the FootPrint Environment Manager.  During this session, we will review tips for using this new resource including test environments, scenario-based end-to-end processes and licensing.




Late Breaking News:  The Biggest Trends Affecting the Supply Chain Industry

Did you know that the supply chain industry has changed more in the past 3-5 years than it has in the previous 20 years?  It is true.  In this session we will review major trends shaping the supply chain logistics industry to develop a better understanding of the background for these changes.


Fulfilling Consumer Dreams & Expectations:  Using FootPrint for 3PL Fulfillment

In this session, we will take a detailed look at the rise of e-commerce to understand its impact on 3PL business.


Getting a Foothold in the Pharma Market

Take a closer look at FootPrint functionality that can help your business gain and retain new business in the pharma, nutraceutical and life sciences market.


Deep Dive into Digits….Digitization, Digitalization and EDI

With the huge push towards digital data, do you know what this means for your company?  In this session, we will explore the concepts of digitization and digitalization as well as digital data operations such as EDI.


Very Valuable:  Speak Up about Value Added Services Peer Panel

According to IARW, more questions are asked about value added services than any other topic.  This session is designed to be an interactive session regarding the how, where and why of value added services and how FootPrint 3PL Billing can help.


*subject to change