The Datex User Conference enables our software users to pack a lot of learning into a few short days.  With three different learning tracks, there are educational opportunities for every role.  We encourage all attendees to bring a notebook computer or tablet and join in on all the hands-on activities.*

NEW! FootPrint Bootcamp 


FootPrint Concepts

In this session we’ll take a deep dive into the terminology and ideas that makes up FootPrint, providing you with the essentials needed to understand FootPrint entities and relationships. You’ll also have the opportunity to navigate and browse through both the Desktop and Mobile FootPrint applications.

FootPrint Basic Setup

Learn about the requirements for setting up your Warehouse, Locations, Owners, Projects  and Materials. Attendees will create their own Owners, SKUs and Warehouse locations in a test environment, with Datex staff available every step of the way.

FootPrint Inbound Processes

In this session, you’ll create a variety of Inbound Orders, following those Orders through both the Receiving and Putaway processes. Mobile Receiving will be explored in great depth, covering Regular, Blind, Barcode and ASN Receiving tasks.

FootPrint Outbound Processes

In this session, you’ll have the chance to see how FootPrint gets your Outbound Orders out of your Warehouse as quickly as possible. Learn about Creating Outbound Orders, Releasing Waves and Cartonization processes.

FootPrint Warehouse Operations

A day at your Warehouse is always different, and FootPrint is built to handle those needs. In this session, you’ll learn about Inventory Moves, Holds and Inquiries and explore the options for Cycle Counts.

FootPrint Reports

Business decisions are based on accurate data and FootPrint delivers. Learn how to Run and Export Reports, create Subscriptions and add new Reports to FootPrint.

FootPrint Kitting and Manufacturing

Kitting and Manufacturing is made easy in FootPrint. Learn about Manufacturing Orders, Moves and Feedback while working hands-on in the system.

FootPrint ePortal

In this session, learn the basics of navigating and customizing FootPrint ePortal. Explore how the ePortal manages and reports on your Customers’ Inventory in real time, ultimately saving you time and labor costs.





Discover FootPrint’s Latest Features

Our software developers have been busy!  Join us for a two hour in depth exploration of the newest functionality found in our next iteration, FootPrint version 4.x.


Get Ready for Rapid Action:  Optimizing Your Fulfillment Operations

This session takes a deep dive into tools and resources that can help reduce cost and ensure rapid order fulfillment, including cartonization, web hooks, printing and pack verification.


Beyond the Basics:  Datex FootPrint E-Portal

Are you ready for our new self-serve web portal?  Designed to make your 3PL customers independent, our e-portal has some exciting new capabilities.  This interactive learning session will familiarize software users with order entry, queries, reporting and dashboards.


The Best of FootPrint 3PL Billing

3PLs need maximum flexibility to meet customer billing requirements.  Join us to learn how to unleash the hidden power of FootPrint 3PL billing by focusing on value-added services. 


Peer Panel: Training Tips for New and Seasonal Workers

This session will be an interactive session to discuss training resources and tips to maximize your training dollars.


Ask the Experts

In this multi-track session, FootPrint experts will answer customer-driven questions, ranging from Development to Operations, demonstrating how Datex staff work together to constantly improve FootPrint.


Time with your Implementation Manager

Here’s your chance! Chat with your Implementation Manager, along with fellow peers, to problem-solve and improve your operational processes.




The Wonder of Workflows

Get ready for it!  This two-hour session will include an in-depth exploration of workflows.  Attendees will participate in scenario-based activities involving inventory status changes, billing and auto-printing.


Fine Tuning Your Database:  SQL Tips and Tricks

Does your database need a tune-up?  Join us to explore ways to maximize database performance through indexes, query plans and optimization tips.


The Great Beyond:  Extending FootPrint with APIs

This crash course will focus on the difference between XML and APIs and include a review of our current API library.  Get in on the excitement with our hands-on workshop!


Keep Your Eye on Power BI & SSRS

Jump on board to learn how to use Microsoft Power BI and SSRS to write and modify killer reports.


Let’s Get it Started!  How to Set up and Maintain the new FootPrint E-Portal

It’s easier than you think.   Take a look behind the scenes and how to set up and maintain the new e-portal.


This is More than Just a Test:  FootPrint New Environment Manager

One of the most popular new tools for IT is the FootPrint Environment Manager.  During this session, we will review tips for using this new resource including test environments, scenario-based end-to-end processes and licensing.


Next Generation EDI

Attendees will learn how Datex is utilizing XML, XSLT and Microsoft Azure as their innovative approach to EDI implementations.


Ask the Experts

In this multi-track session, FootPrint experts will answer customer-driven questions, ranging from Development to Operations, demonstrating how Datex staff work together to constantly improve FootPrint.




The Future of the Supply Chain Business is Intelligence & Machine Learning 

Artificial intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning, also known as cognitive technology, is increasingly being adopted by leading businesses – and one of the initial trending areas of application is in supply chain. Like other significant technological innovations of the past, artificial intelligence technology promises to disrupt the competitive landscape and change businesses and industries. Early adopters of AI can expect to get ahead of a game-changing technology curve and gain a significant competitive advantage. Artificial intelligence is ushering in a new era of supply chain optimization: an era where supply chain systems can think, analyze, present findings and recommendations, and learn from interactions with the humans. Session explores how AI-enabled systems continue to grow to a point where they can automatically weed through large amounts of data to quickly produce insights  and forecast events.  How does AI offer a platform to optimize performance and build a more intelligent, agile, demand-sensitive and customer-centric supply chain while complementing and leveraging existing systems, analytics and technology investments. 


e-Commerce and Fulfillment: Embrace the Change

Thanks to Amazon, and other retail giants who have followed suit, customer expectations around the speed and cost of shipping are constantly shifting. As consumers, when we want something, we want it now. As logistics providers, fulfilling those demands is easier said than done. While order fulfillment may not be the most glamorous aspect of running an ecommerce business, it is a function that directly impacts a logistics provider’s bottom line. Yet, without the proper order fulfillment process in place, ecommerce businesses won’t be able to deliver on their promise and making your customers wait can be costly. To meet customer expectations. During the course of this session, the overall ecommerce order fulfillment process, which fulfillment model makes the most sense for your business, and how to be strategic in your operation will be discussed.


Pharmaceutical Supply Chain and Inventory Management Strategies: Industry Overview 

A high level of service for medical supplies and effective inventory policies are essential objectives for pharmaceutical Logistics Providers. Shortages and improper use of pharmaceuticals can not only lead to financial losses but also have a significant impact on the entire health care system. Many companies experience difficulties in achieving these objectives as they have not addressed how medicines are managed, supplied, and used. Session focus on strategic decision-making in the pharmaceutical supply chain, continuous review with production and distribution for a supply chain involving pharmaceuticals. 


Cybersecurity Awareness for Supply Chain Executives

Cybersecurity is no longer solely an I.T. risk with potential loss of revenue, customers, reputation, & intellectual property. This significant risks to organizations makes defense near impossible since the evolving threat landscape, shortage of suitably experienced professionals and general lack of cyber awareness among many executives. Session provides a high level overview of an effective cybersecurity awareness program for executives in any size of supply chain enterprise. Session will focus cybersecurity necessity, scope and pre-requisites for program implementation. Consider common challenges of delivery and focus on individual elements of program. How to implement a program into practice and content suggestions.


*subject to change